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Traffic & KW Research

You Master the Traffic, You Master All!

The life and blood of an online business (of any kind) is — Traffic!
Traffic is like petrol for your online business.
Traffic is needed to generate leads, and to generate customers, which is the desired end result of any business.
Driving the right traffic will allow you to fill up the top of your sales funnel.
Fill the top of your funnel, you will see the light at the end of the funnel – the sales!
And if your funnel system is in place, the rest will happen on autopilot.
The 4 key channels from which you can receive traffic are:
• Organic search
• Social
• Direct
• Referral

 Key Word Research: Holy Grail of Driving Traffic!

After taking so many courses, attending numerous masterclasses, and consuming an endless number of content on the web, I have understood that all efforts to drive traffic for sales boil down to one important thing: An effective Key Word Research System.
If you want to earn from YouTube, Blog, eCommerce, POD, Dropshipping, Affiliate Marketing, Selling Courses, Amazon Affiliate, Etsy, or any social media platform like Facebook & Pinterest, KW research is the holy grail for earning profits.

So, let’s get equipped with the two most important gears for generating passive income- Traffic & KW Research.