About me

A banker by profession, I have been managing money matters for the last one & a half decades- for my clients, my friends, my family, and of course myself!

During this 15 years journey of managing money, while managing money matters for my family, I experienced an ocean of experience – of anticipation, fear, surprise, joy, and top of all- anxiety. 

When my second child- Sammy was born in 2014, I started feeling the need for earning those extra bucks. My 9 to 5 job was pretty much satisfying the basic needs of my family. However, the desire for providing a better future for my family started fueling me.

I tried to get early promotions, changed jobs for a higher salary, and tries some other means (oh those MLM Cos.), but these activities didn’t serve the purpose.

Finally, I got disappointed and surrendered to the situation.

But then came 2020 and Covid 19! Covid 19 may have devastated the world, but it opened a window of hope for me. While locked behind the doors for almost a year, I kept on reading and binge-watching YouTube.

I was motivated and pumped up, but the past experiences were holding my leg back.

To alleviate the fear of the past and increase my confidence, I decided to take some courses on Udemy. Thankfully Udemy was offering huge discounts on their courses and this allowed me to enroll and experiment in several courses.

Finally, in the last quarter of 2020, I decided to give try to change my fortunes.

During this entire journey, I listened to so many Gurus, so many videos so many ideas, and the worst part- all seemed to be the ones that will make me a millionaire!

At the same time, all of them seemed so overwhelming.

Where to start (Blog, YouTube, Online Store, Affiliate Marketing)?

What to start (Niche)?

How to start (The best strategy)?

What to use (Tools-Free/ Paid)?

And what to expect (realistic outcomes)?

I read and read numerous blogs. I binge-watched YouTube videos.

And you know what, I felt as if every 2 months, strategies given by the online gurus kept changing. Yes- I know that was not the right way. Yep! I know it now.

But the problem is- even if somebody online was giving the right advice (which I NOW understand is right!), I felt as if he is just not revealing his secret and simply trying to sell me some course (which was also partially correct).

My education (an MBA) and my profession (a full-time Banker) and my passion for reading, researching, and experimenting have helped me in this sweet-and-sour journey of earning those extra bucks.

After so many trials & errors, hits & misses, today in 2023, I am happy about my decision. Though I have a long way to go, I am no more a lost soul.

I have achieved the $1000 per month level and believe that the $10,000 level is close.

Welcome to my blog, hustlershark.com!

This blog is dedicated to sharing the advice and lessons I have learned while navigating through this journey and is a medium to discuss the opportunities in the new world order of the Internet like Web 3.0.

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A Banker for more than one & half decades, I run this Blog with the help of few knowledgeable friends who also blog.